Handicrafts In Pakistan

A hidden treasure across different regions of Pakistan

Pakistan is a peaceful and most talented nation, and its people have a rich history of art and culture. In different regions, most people use to make lots of handmade things that promote the culture of their specific area. All these handicrafts are a work of art with intricate handmade designs, exquisite detailing, and fabulous colors which show the reflection of their purity and creativity. All the regions of Pakistan have their own unique handicrafts and these all are renowned all over the world and largely exported to other countries. Handicrafts of Pakistan are valuable stones in the Pakistani culture and heritage. Each product represents the image of the specific area where it belongs. In Pakistani handicrafts like paintings, khussy, handmade wall hangings, and in other products it can be significantly seen how much efforts are put-in to make these products attractive and worthy. “Pakistani handicrafts are not only introducing its culture to the world but also plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan. These handmade products represent Pakistan to the world and preserve Pakistani culture from being lost.”

Lahanur’s Aim    

Lahanur is taking the initiative to present some of the marvelous and cultural handicrafts to the world. We are presenting unique crafts of Pakistan on Lahanur to promote the culture of Pakistan globally. Anyone gets easy access to these items as these handmade precious products are promoting the image of Pakistan all over the world.  Lahanur’s aim is to express the regional and cultural identities of Pakistan with the help of these Handicrafts.

Lahanur Culture

Lahanur products are infused with various aspects of the local culture of each city and province. At Lahanur, we employ local artisans who are the masters of their craft which we help bring their authentic handicrafts straight to your doorstep. We offer quality products made from the simplest materials at affordable prices.

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